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Marsden Hartley
After the Storm, Vinalhaven
Bowdoin College Museum of Art

We founded Trust Analytics Group upon the premise that nonprofit institutions who actively manage their beneficial interests in charitable trusts will receive greater near-term and long-term financial support from their charitable trust assets. The laws governing the administration and investment of charitable trust assets have changed significantly over the last 15 years. These changes have enabled the adoption of modern portfolio theory investment strategies and permit trustees to make fair and reasonable distributions, despite “net income” limitations.

Many trustees, however, have been slow to embrace these changes, a problem which has been compounded by the continuing 30+ years of consolidation in the financial services industry.

What do we mean by active management? Active management means understanding the terms of the trust instrument in the context of its establishment and in view of recent changes in state fiduciary laws. Active management means understanding the investment strategies being followed by the investment managers of your charitable trust assets. Active management means understanding the administrative cost and expense structures under which your charitable assets are being managed.

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