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External endowment monitoring Program (E2MP)

E2MP is a data-driven, automated quarterly review system which monitors the administrative and investment metrics of our clients’ charitable trusts assets. Using our proprietary system, which is customized for each client trust account, E2MP is designed to identify administrative and investment issues which may be negatively impacting our clients’ interests in their charitable trust accounts.

The failure to identify and timely remedy common administrative and investment errors can result in investment losses, inappropriate expenses and unfunded interests.

We are currently monitoring more than 1,000 trust accounts holding assets of more than $1.2 billion for clients across the United States.

Trust Portfolio
Review Services

Our Trust Portfolio Review Services provide customized reports on the charitable trusts in your trust portfolio.

Our reports include:

Review of the dispositive provisions of each trust instrument and the context in which the trust was created.

Review of recent changes in applicable state fiduciary laws and their application to the subject trust.

Three year trust accounting audit and a review of investment results.

Investment portfolio assessment.

Review of administrative fees and other expenses compared to our benchmarks.

Recommendations for improving investment performance, reducing expenses and increasing annual trust cash flows.


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